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Amazing health tips to stay fit and healthy


 Amazing health tips to stay fit and healthy 

In today's world everyone is busy with their own work. People don't find enough time to do things that are healthy, So we have to take care of tiny things that will be more than enough to make u fit and healthy.

Below are the list of the things you should take care of to be Healthy and fit

Best time to workout    

Early Morning is the best time work out or to do yoga for best results.
Morning time workout will make you look fresh and stay fit throughout the day.

When to Moisturise your skin

Apply moisturiser while your skin is still damp,it will be absorbed more easily

What is the best time to Brush 

Do not brush immediately after meals & drinks,especially if they are acidic as these can soften tooth enamel and remove the upper layer of teeth causing cavities 

Best time to drink water 

Water is a universal drink, drink a glass of water when you wake early in the morning, this way you can flush out all toxins from the body .

Drink at least 4 to 5 litres of water daily to stay fit and have glowing skin, water helps to remove bloating of the stomach

when to eat fennel seeds 

Fennel seeds are great for digestion and help in relieving gas.So take a spoon of fennel seeds after your meals to improve digestion 
and overcome constipation

Best time to consume honey

Honey has a lot of health benefits if you replace sugar with honey in your daily meals.
You will lose weight in no time and it will detox your whole body makes to 
feel look fresh and active 

When to eat broccoli

Broccoli is excellent source of vitamin c which helps in maintaining 
healthy Gums, reducing sugar levels in the body and increase bone density

Where to use olive oil 

Olive oil has great oxidation property which will increase oxygen level in the body and removing toxins wastes from the body. 

You can Use olive oil in cooking as well as in bathing. Which makes your skin and body fresh.

Thanks for reading have a nice day 

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