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Dangerous food that damages kidneys



Kidneys act as filter to remove toxins and excess water from body

Their job is to flush out toxins from the blood by way of urine. The National Institutes of Health reports that our kidneys filter an excess of 200 quarts of blood daily. That translates into 2 quarts of waste each day. They don’t get holidays or weekends off; they work day and night.

Thankfully, our kidneys can wash away impurities while retaining vital nutrients floating around in our blood. Keeping our internal filters healthy and functioning properly is invaluable for nourishment and detoxification of our bodies. 

So naturally, whatever we eat and drink has a dramatic impact on our kidneys’ health. A steady diet of unhealthy food and drinks can strain their performance, and put us at risk.

The good news is, it’s never too late to improve your diet and lifestyle, even if your kidneys are already impaired.

These are the list of foods that damage them 

1. Animal Protein 

2. Caffeine

3. Artificial  Sweeteners 

4. Sodas

5. Salt

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