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Dangerous foods imported from CHINA


China is the country that produces the greatest number of pesticides in the world, thus the chances for them to end up in your meals are pretty big if you buy Chinese products and foods. China is also one of the most polluted countries in the world. The air, as well as the waters there, is quite contaminated and thus all products contain toxic chemicals. For example, if you live in Beijing, and you breathe the air there, it is the same as if you are smoking 40 cigarettes a day. That is why it is recommended to avoid the food coming from China.

Much information was spread across the media about the plastic rice that showed up in China, and still no one has done anything about it. Consuming this artificial rice can have severe consequences, starting from harm to the digestive system to damage of the hormones. When the BPA from the plastic is being ingested in the body, it imitates estrogen, and the levels of estrogen become too high. But, what’s even worse, not only plastic rice is being produced in China, but also more items and products made of this plastic which is poisonous and harmful for your health.


this is a rice that is made of fake, artificial rice and potatoes. When cooked, this rice remains hard and it is not like normal, natural rice. Consuming this rice for longer time can have serious consequences to your health.


this is one of the things that are hard to believe. Some manufacturers in China have been collecting mud and selling it as black pepper. The food regulatory systems should really become sterner.


the industrial salt is not made for consumption, and despite this, it is still being sold as table salt for some time. The consequences of this industrial salt consumption are issues with the physical and the mental health, as well as with the thyroid and the system of reproduction.


China has been exporting fake green peas. These peas have been made of soy beans, snow peas, green color and sodium metabisulfite (a synthetic that is originally used as a bleach and additive). The green color is cancerous and prevents the body to absorb calcium. These peas are not quite like the natural ones when it comes to their look, and when boiled, paint the water unnaturally green.

Much of controversy is going on china foods, better to avaoid them,
remember prevention is better than cure

Stay healthy and fit for better tommorow.

Thanks for reading have a good day

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