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Obesity causing jobs


Greeting everyone, today I am going to present you Obesity Causing jobs. Ever wonder your job makes you obese, yes this is true, because of our job and lifestyle, we get minimum time for a workout, thus driving our body to overweight which leads to Obesity, so here is the list of the top obesity causing jobs.   

IT professionals

Think of the Devil " Obesity " and we find 99% of It Professionals in them. These guys are at high risk of getting obese since they sit continuously for  4-5 hrs without any movement, and they are allowed to work longer hours for finishing their deadlines.


Attorneys are the second most affecting jobs for obesity, They have a great set of paperwork to finish, so it takes a long time to complete the paperwork, sometimes they have to work late night in order to resolve clients problems.


School is a great environment to enjoy, but when it comes to teachers it becomes a hard day since they have a long day schedule for students they will be mostly preparing for the classes and educational material which is a heck of a  process, that makes to sit and operate for longer hours.Thus making it an one of the 
Obesity causing jobs. 


A revolution in medicine or technology is done by this people but a long way down they will be doing research and development  99% by sitting with little movementand moreover, they eat at the workplace and stay there for long hours without any break, which makes them obese.

Police Officer 

Particularly policemen are advised to stay awake and sit for long hours during any Match, live show or during patrolling which make them obese.

Artist & Designer 

For creating a better art, the artist work for hours and when he wants to put it on paper, it takes hours or days making them obese.
Thus making it one of the Obesity causing jobs.

Administration Jobs

These guys are front doors of communication, they have to take care of day to day tasks, changes to be done, so most of the time they will spend time at a desk working with a computer or talking to people.

Travel Agents

Travel Agents are the mystery obesity guys, where they can get obese really quick, They don't get enough time to do anything, they will get frequent calls, or any order which they don't want to miss, so this makes them stick to their desks.

Social Workers 

The most heck of the jobs is of social workers, they to talk to many people without any break, giving advice or attending the meeting, which makes them obese.

So, these are the list of Obesity causing jobs. To overcome obesity
walk frequently, take stairs whenever possible. We always admire our readers. Please do share your feedback by commenting.Thanks for reading & have a nice day.

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