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Simple Tips To Identify Plastic Rice Or Fake Rice At Home


Simple Tips To Identify Plastic Rice Or Fake            Rice At Home

Now a day’s rice is made with plastic.
It’s very difficult to find out plastic rice or fake rice.It will cause so many health complications.So better to avoid them. 

Below are the simple tips by which you can identify plastic rice 

1. The Water Test:

Take a glass of water, drop a tablespoon of raw rice inside and stir for some time. and if the rice float at the top then
it is considered as plastic rice, because rice doesn't float on the water.

2. The Fire Test:

Take a hand full of rice and burn it using a lighter, 
and see whether the rice releases the plastic smell or not.
This way you can 'simply identify plastic rice or fake rice at home'.

3. Hot Oil Test:

Take some rice and drop them into very hot oil. 
If it's plastic rice, it will melt and stick together 
at the bottom of the vessel.



4.The Fungus Test:

After boiling the rice, put some of it in a bottle and leave 
it for 3 days. if mold does not appear, then your rice is fake,
Plastic rice will not grow mold in any weather conditions.

5. Boiling Test:

While boiling the rice, if it contains plastic rice it will start
forming a thick layer at the top of the vessel.

Here are the "Simple Tips To Identify Plastic Rice Or Fake Rice At Home ".

Thanks for reading and have a good day

Stay fit and healthy for better tomorrow.

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