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10 Incredible Pineapple Health Benefits & Facts

10 Incredible Pineapple Health Benefits & Facts

The fruit which looks weird, spiky outside, sweet and sour inside is pineapple fruit. Actually, it is not in a single piece but made up of individual berries which stick to the core of it making a single piece.

Pineapples contain high amounts of vitamin C and manganese, which are key components for having a good immune system.

Pineapples are fat-free, cholesterol-free and very low in sodium.So this makes it a wonderful fruit to eat.

Health benefits of pineapple include improving the immune system, Regulate Blood Pressure, Improve bone strength, prevent cancer, helps in digestion, blood clot reduction.

Let's look into more details about incredible health benefits of Pineapple.

1.Improve Bone Strength

Pineapples in spite of having low calcium levels because of its impressive manganese level it is useful for bone health & strength.

2.Prevent Cancer

Pineapple is rich in antioxidants, including vitamin A, C & high levels of Manganese, which is a key factor to super oxidate and removes cancer causing agents in the body. 

3.Helps In Digestion

Pineapple is rich in fiber which aids to increase metabolism by stimulating gastric & digestive fluids into the stomach. You can overcome health conditions like Constipation, diarrhea & high blood pressure.


4.Blood Clot Reduction

Because of its high Vitamin C content, it helps to produce Collagen which is used to clot the blood and heal them quickly.

5.Improving Immune System

The key vitamin C & bromelain which are present in Pineapple will help in eliminating excess mucus & to increase the count of red blood cells.

6.Control Blood Pressure

Pineapple is a great of potassium which is a major component in maintaining tension
and stress of blood vessels.

Consumption of Pineapple increases the blood flow throughout out the body thus avoiding unnecessary blockage.


Let's jump into the mind-blowing facts about Pineapple

1.pineapples are used to make wine.

2.It takes about 3 years to grow one pineapple 

3.pineapple word because of their resemblance with pine cone of Europeans 

4.Pineapple plants have pretty flower which looks awesome

5.You can plant own pineapple by cutting its head and planting it 

6.pineapple won't get ripened once they are harvested like other fruits

7.Pineapple is used as natural lanterns ancient times 

8. pineapple is used for cooking nonveg to make it tender

9. 90% of pineapple comes from south east Asia.

10.This fruit is sweet and sour at a time which makes it unique of its kind

Note: Too much of pineapple is a great danger to health it causes nausea, constipation & head ache.

Thanks for reading, have a good day.

Stay fit and active for better life.

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