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7 Reasons To Quit Facebook


7 Reasons To Quit Facebook

Facebook became part of life and it is becoming a hobby to habit making people be in VIRTUAL WORLD rather than REAL WORLD. Quitting Facebook make you more of a human rather robots.

People who are using Facebook are becoming more social Maniac any subjected to different Phobias.

In this article, I will explain in detail what are the 7 reasons to quit facebook for a better life.

1.Facebook made to find crappy Friends & content and it shows a shadow of a person who is of non-real character, which can be of great danger to us and family.

2.Facebook presents you as a lonely man, it will break your feelings and get into depression easily, you will feel isolated. No one needs a boost of themselves saying you look great and give a like & comment.

3.Real-time communication is cumbersome, still, take some time to overcome your introvert character and becoming expressive
.But it is the only way of life in expressing your feelings to others, you are easily misunderstood if you facebook.

4.Most of the time people are wasting their time valuable time in looking at different people pictures, their useless post giving a like, comment and sharing which is of no use.

5.Majority of content present in Facebook is garbage which is of no use to us. Use that precious time in reading books to grow knowledge

6.Use of Facebook is not good for your health you will stick at one place and don't move for a while. This makes you vulnerable
For many diseases.

7.Invest your time in playing with kids, friends & family that make you fill refreshed and boost your energy levels.

Don't feel bad if you are going to delete your facebook account, the millions of friends who are present and crappy content in Facebook is of no use for you today and in future.

Stop living in a virtual world rather opt to be in real world. Live Lifelike a king rather a slave to Facebook.

Practice the things and you will be free from Facebook. SO how you rate our article of
"7 Reasons To Quit Facebook ".

Thanks for reading and have a good day.

Remember one person loss is another person gain, know what you lost till now using Facebook and what you will gain after quitting it.

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