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Top 5 Unusual Upcoming Smartphones 2017



Top 5 Unusual Upcoming Smartphones 2017

Technology is updating daily at rapid speed, new innovations are being made which are unique and sophisticated, smartphones have become part of one's life and its evolution is taking a new turn.New phones are releasing very frequently and big companies are thinking out of the box for smartphone design and features.

Let's go through Top 5 Unusual Upcoming Smartphones 2017 which already made their impact in the market 



This is number one in our charts, the smartphone has a unique feature of SCIO sensor, which helps to identify the molecular content of the material like food, medicine, object, water, soda.


It will show how much calories an ice cream has, what type of combination is in medicine by scanning through its SCio Sensor, which will a great boost for new learners and weight watchers about their daily activities.



SIEMPO is unique kind of smartphone which helps to free up your time and attention, they are by being more productive.The smartphone features are conditionally limited in order to stay away from it, it doesn't have any camera and internet which aids in distraction in work.



Made by Apple X employees, RUNCIBLE is powerful phone,  circular & palm the size which looks like the mini clock, The circular smartphone is made out of wood finishing.

The smartphone has features like make phone calls, type messages, take pictures & video, explore the web. All in all, Runcible is quiet, beautifully carved, phone of it's kind and made in Top 5 Unusual Upcoming Smartphones list 2017. 


The major drawback of the phone is it is circular and requires both hands for operation.

4.CAT S60 :


It's a rugged smartphone which features thermal imaging, utilising new MSX technology gives a brilliant thermal image, what we cannot think of in the smartphone, which is a great use for plumbers, in order to locate the blockages.


CAT S60 comes up with dual sim and have nano sim slots in it, and it is made up of indestructible chassis which quite hard help of protection from water & dust.


The Akyomen is a powerful smartphone featured to project the pictures, videos, mobile games and presentation on screen with HD display with minimal battery usage.


Holofone is the 7-inch smartphone with a bump on the back for projecting the video along with the lamp. It can project an image as big as 16 foot from corner to corner. Thus making it top 5 unusual upcoming smartphones 2017.


So what are you waiting for, rather than opting for normal smartphone be unique by buying these smartphones? However, they do have little glitches and drawbacks, be unique and treading by opting to Top 5 Unusual Upcoming Smartphones 2017.

We love to get feedback from you, so hit us with comments and let us know what you think of this article. Thanks for reading and have a good day.

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