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Type 3 Diabetes: Shocking New Form Of Diabetes Discovered


Type 3 Diabetes: Shocking New Form Of Diabetes Discovered                                                  

In today's world more than one-third of the population are diabetic and generally diagnosed with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. But recently, a breakthrough of a new type of diabetes has been identified which is " type 3c". This type of diabetes is more common than they thought, misdiagnosed as type 2 diabetes.

The study says Type 3 Diabetes is different than the above two.
Type 1 diabetes generally is affected in childhood and is when your body doesn’t produce insulin at all whereas Type 2 is seen in adults when your pancreas can’t produce enough insulin.

Typically Type 2 is usually due poor diet and overweight.
Type 3c diabetes is mainly caused due to pancreas malfunction which is due to inflammation of the pancreas, cystic fibrosis, cancer or tumours in the pancreas.

People with type 3c diabetes tend to have very low blood sugar control than those of type 2 diabetes. They are likely to need ten times more insulin, depending on their damage of pancreas.This type of damage to pancreas will lose its ability to produce enough insulin and proteins needed to digest food.

The Recent case study has revealed that most cases of type 3c diabetes are being wrongly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.One out of 2 million—were affected with this type of diabetes.


People who are affected with Type 3c diabetes need both insulins as well as supplemental enzymes for food digestion. 

Type 3 diabetes last as long as ten years till it totally damages to the pancreas. It is important to determine which type of diabetes you have and take enough precaution and treatment for it. However exact identifying the type of diabetes is more important as it helps to get correct treatment and stops the upcoming damage done.


So I think it is up to you, to keep diabetes in control, better consult a doctor if you feel any symptoms related to diabetes, home treatment is always temporary and won't last long. Better medical attention is required since it may progress.

You can avoid type 3 diabetes by monitoring your blood sugar regularly, maintain proper diet and adequate exercise 
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