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Why You Should Get a Flu Shot

Why You Should Get a Flu Shot 

Want to have fun in winter with no cold and cough then you must
take a Flu shot.To vaccinate or not, is the big question Americans ask every late summer or before the fall season. 

Every year, the flu season affects millions of people work days and cost loss in billions of dollars. People should get a flu vaccine when

Last Year 2016-2017 in the flu season, the flu vaccine was roughly 50 percent effective only in preventing flu. It's important to know that flu vaccine is not 100% effective in preventing flu, but it reduces your chance of infecting you. 

Here are some why you consider getting a flu shot 

1.Flu is Dangerous 

Flu is not an average virus. It will break your health and its effects can last for 2weeks or more. For kids under 6, seniors, and people with chronic health conditions like asthma, heart disease, the flu can be especially severe or even fatal. You should not stick to Home Remedies for this, consult a doctor immediately for further treatment.

2.Flu shot helps not only you but every one near by 

To Minimize damage done by flu, you can do your part by getting the flu shot.You not only protecting yourself, but it will also help protect others around you especially infants, seniors, and those who have weak immune system, are much more vulnerable to getting the flu.

By not getting the flu shot, you pose a great threat in increasing chances of getting sick, as well as others nearby. More people who 
care to take a flu shot, less damage will be done by flu.

3. Flu Shot is Simple and easy process with less pain 

Getting a Flu shot is really a simple process, you have to visit nearby pharma store and take it. People, who are afraid of it can opt to take with fine needles which have no pain at all?

4. Flu Virus resistance increase year by year, so take regularly 

Flu Virus spread rapidly over the world adapting to new condition, 
so flu is constantly emerging day by day. Every year, scientists and health experts create a new flu vaccine designed to fight the most prevalent flu virus.

The old flu shot will be no more powerful in fighting new flu virus, so better to get a new one as quickly as possible as flu season start.

The above reasons illustrate us Why You Should Get a Flu Shot.
So what you think about this article write us your comments we will accept your valuable feedback. 

Thanks for reading and have a nice day. Stay fit and healthy for better life.

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