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10 Helpful Ways To Prevent Food Poisoning


10 Helpful Ways To Prevent Food Poisoning

Hi and welcome to whateverlife, In this article in am going to talk about 10 helpful ways to prevent food poisoning. Each year the United States generally have about 70 million cases of food poisoning and 10,000 related deaths. It Can occur in young, adult, pregnant women, and people with weak immune system.

Food poisoning illnesses generally caused by bacteria, parasites, toxins, and viruses which are present in the food.It's better to prevent rather than cure.

10 helpful ways to prevent food poisoning 

1.Wash your hands first: 

The basic thing to do is to Wash your hands thoroughly with water using handwash or soap, before preparing food, going to the toilet, playing with animals & after restroom. 


Temperature plays a crucial role in deciding food poisoning, It prevents harmful germs present on vegetable or meat from growing and multiplying. Avoid keeping too many vegetables or fruits which will block air in a fridge and decay easily.

3.Use different chopping boards

Always use different chopping board to prepare raw food, like meat.This will help avoid contaminating other foods with harmful bacteria that are present in raw food.

4.Cook food rigorously:

It's safe to cook meat until no pink meat inside. Don't wash raw meat before cooking, this can spread bacteria around your kitchen, better to freeze them which reduces the levels of bacteria on it The safe and best method to kill bacteria on meat is to boil it will turmeric for 10-15 minutes before cooking.

5.Separate meat with vegetables 

Meat contains harmful bacteria which can spread to vegetables, so better cover meat and isolate them with vegetables to avoid food poisoning.

6.Wash utensils & dishcloths properly

Wash utensils, kitchen towels & dishcloths regularly, you should dry them first before you use them again. Dirty, damp cloths are the perfect for germs to spread and cause illness.

7.Heat leftover and resue 

If you are planning to eat cooked food for the next day, the best thing is to heat them first before consuming.Use any leftovers from the fridge, not more than 2 days.

8.Check Expiration date

Don't ever eat food that's past its due date, even it looks fresh and smells good. Expiration date dates are based on scientific tests that show how fast harmful germs can develop in the packaged food. So don't take chances.

9.Avoid raw eggs

Eggs have a high amount of bacteria present on it, if you want to use them, the best thing is to wash and boil for some time. Eggs are linked to causing food poisoning outbreaks in the USA since 1990.

10.Shop wisely

Food poisoning starts from grocery store itself, it's better to avoid frozen section and move on for fresh vegetable and meat area, don't keep your cart outside long enough so that it will affect with germs easily. 

So, these are 10 helpful ways to prevent food poisoning
stay fit and healthy by the following guideline.Thanks for reading and have a good day. We always admire our readers to share your feedback by commenting.

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