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10 Simple ways to improve your sleep


10 Simple ways to improve your sleep

10 Simple ways to improve your sleep: Hi and welcome to whateverlife, sleeping is the most crucial part of our day to day life, it decides your health condition.Studies suggested that there is a strong link between sleep quantity and increased risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease. sleeping is associated with three pillars of good health, diet, and exercise.

You should have enough sleep for 8 hours, in order to stay healthy and fit. People come up with various sleep distractions at every age like pain, sleep apnea and more. Getting less sleep will make you look weak and clumsy.Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to replace a night of the poor sleep. However, we bring you 10 Simple ways to improve your sleep that makes you sleep better and longer. 

Here are 10 simple, proven, healthy ways to get better sleep tips.


A good workout will relieve you from all kinds of things that may
interfere with your sleep, like anxiety and depression, but it also provides specific physiological boosts to sleep itself. Exercise will not only boost your immunity but helps you relax with the deepest
and most restorative phase of sleep. 


Diet plays a vital part of your sleep. You should avoid eating a heavy meal before going to bed, especially avoid eating anything which is too spicy, fried, and particularly have high fat.These foods take a long time for digestion and will produce the excess stomach acid which will cause heartburn and bloating


If you’re having trouble sleeping, it’s important to reduce, caffeine in your diet.better to stay away from caffeine within five to six hours before bedtime. If you can’t give it up entirely, reduce the intake.after few days of getting rid of caffeine, you should notice that you’re sleeping better.


Keep away the gadgets nearby you like a smartphone, tablet. If you want to read before bed, don’t use any electronic gadgets. The light from the smartphone slows down the production of melatonin, a hormone which helps us sleep. Studies have found that people who use these devices at bedtime take longer to fall asleep.


One of the top factor to disrupt your sleep is temperature, You should adjust your bedroom temperature according to your comfort level. Thus making this as one of the 10 Simple ways to improve your sleep.


6.Set a Schedule 

Adjust your body to become habituated to going to bed and getting up at a proper time, whether it’s a weekday or weekend. Starting it will be tough though, but as you start the schedule, say at 6:00 am for a few days, and then to go to bed promptly at 10:00 pm, it will help reset your sleep pattern. try this for few days,
it will likely be worth it.

7.Limit Alcohol.

Alcohol alters your sleep patterns and the quality of your sleep. The alcohol level in your body plays a vital role in your sleep, it will make you feel uncomfortable and you will find difficult to sleep peacefully for the rest of the night.


Just like caffeine and  Alcohol, Nicotine will disrupt your sleep. Smoking cigarettes will make your brain to stake awake for longer hours thus making asleep.

9.Sleep Therapy

If you have trouble sleeping and feeling nervous, the best thing you can do is Sleep Therapy which helps in relaxing you and getting sleep easily. most of the people are opting to this program since it is quick and easy, why don't you try and let us know.

10. Improve Your Sleep Environment

If you are plannning to sleep make sure you don't get distracted by people around you and traffic sound nearby. Using a “white noise” machine can help you null all that ambient sound and you can get better sleep.

So, these are 10 Simple ways to improve your sleep, that makes you stay fit and healthy.Thanks for reading and have a  good day. We always admire our readers to share your feedback by commenting.

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