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Top 5 Tech That Will Make BIllions In 2018



Top 5 Tech That Will Make BIllions In 2018

Technology is crucially for you to understand and adapt the ever-changing market condition to build a company. As we enter the new year, startups in both big and small scale will go through a flood of emerging technologies. We have listed Top 5 Tech That will Make BIllions In 2018 and have a high impact on startups.

1.Augmented reality (AR)

This highly ambitious technology is making headlines from last few years. Augmented reality (AR) implementation was on surge towards the end of 2016. The early release of Pokemon Go went viral and was highly appreciated by the global users. 

Retail Industry is investing a lot in this technology to make most of it. Smartphone technology, made it easy and simple for people to use this tech making it highly efficient and powerful. 

2. Machine learning

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) abruptly increased the importance of machine learning. The AI implementation helps to program systems automatically and learn to improve from an experience. Technology is already being used in various ways to simplify the repetitive jobs.

Machine learning technology helps to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs.Startups can leverage the trend and develop intelligent machine learning models to abstract key insights from data sets and processes.



3. Voice control

New Tech that is making waves nowadays is Voice control and number of companies have already entered the space of voice-controlled technologies. Tech Tycoons Google and Amazon launched their first few versions of their voice-controlled products and trying to make more interactive. 

In the world of connected devices, numerous things that can be simplified using voice-controlled smart gadgets thus making it one of the Top 5 Tech That Will Make BIllions In 2018.


4G LTE created a new trend in telecommunication business, now it is getting ready to start with 5G in 2018.No one can exactly predict how fast 5G will be, but it’s likely to be 15-to-20 times faster than 4G LTE.Unfortunately, there’s limited consumer hardware ready to support it and the network rollout has yet to begin this year.

4. Blockchain

This technology that linked with cryptocurrency has become a major focus because of its robust nature and security. Blockchain has wide uses across the industrial sectors. Banking and financial services have already started implementing blockchain solutions to secure the data and minimize dependencies. 

Let us know what you think of this article Top 5 Tech That Will Make BIllions In 2018 Watch out for this tech trends in future.Thanks for reading and have a good day.We always admire our readers.Please do share your feedback by commenting.

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